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QCOM (QUALCOMM Incorporated)
Last Trade 55.76 Dividend/Share 2.48 PE Ratio 17.48
Date 12:20:05 PM Dividend Yield 4.328 Return on Assets -9.91
Change 0.03 ExDividend Date 2018-12-06 Return on Capital null
Bid 54.77 Latest EPS -3.33 Price/Sale 4.168
Ask 0 LatestEPS Date 2018-09-30 Price to Book 74.85
Volume 143902 EPS ttm 3.190 Institutional % 138.1
Avg Volume 15.62M Shares Outstanding 1212.16M Insider % 0.1
Open 55.75 Float 1210.67M Short Ratio null
Prev Close 55.73 Return On Equity -30.71 5 Year Change % -0.121
High 56.08 Consensus EPS 0.7 2 Year Change % -0.062
Low 55.51 No. of Estimate 5.000 1 Year Change % -0.151
52 Week High 76.5 EPS Surprise $ null YTD Change % -0.029
52 Week Low 48.56 EPS Surprise Percent 8.5714 6 Month Change % -0.026
52 Week Change -8.891 EBITDA 0M 3 Month Change % -0.122
50 Day MA 57.29388 Revenue 0M 1 Month Change % -0.033
200 Day MA Gross Profit 0M 5 Day Change % -0.016
Market Cap 67553.82M Cash 0M 30 Day Change % -0.033
Beta 1.441741 Debt 0M Stock Exchange Nasdaq Global Select
Sector Technology Revenue Per Share 0 Short Interest 0
Short Date 0 Revenue Per Employee 0 Short Ratio null
Data courtesy of IEX
Company Profile

QUALCOMM Incorporated engages in the development, design, manufacture, and marketing of digital wireless telecommunications products and services. The company operates in four segments: Qualcomm Code Division Multiple Access Technologies (QCT), Qualcomm Technology Licensing (QTL), Qualcomm Wireless and Internet (QWI), and Qualcomm Strategic Initiatives (QSI). The QCT segment develops and supplies code division multiple access (CDMA)-based integrated circuits and system software for wireless voice and data communications and multimedia functions, as well as global positioning system products based on its CDMA technology and other technologies. The QTL segment grants licenses to use portions of its intellectual property portfolio comprising patent rights useful in the manufacture and sale of certain wireless products, such as products implementing cdmaOne, CDMA2000, WCDMA, CDMA TDD, and/or OFDMA standards and their derivatives. The QWI segment comprises Qualcomm Internet Services that provides content enablement services for the wireless industry and push-to-talk and other products and services for wireless network operators; Qualcomm Government Technologies, which offers development, hardware, and analytical services to the United Statesâ?? government agencies involving wireless communications technologies; Qualcomm Enterprise Services that provides satellite and terrestrial-based two-way data messaging, position reporting, wireless application services, and managed data services to transportation and logistics companies and other enterprise companies; and Firethorn, which builds and manages software applications that enable financial institutions and wireless operators to offer mobile commerce services. The QSI segment makes strategic investments to promote the worldwide adoption of CDMA-based products and services. QUALCOMM primarily operates in the United States, South Korea, China, and Japan. The company was founded in 1985 and is based in San Diego, California.