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NYMX (Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation)
Last Trade 2.09 Dividend/Share 0 PE Ratio null
Date April 18-2019 Dividend Yield 0.000 Return on Assets -233.99
Change 0.09 ExDividend Date 0 Return on Capital null
Bid null Latest EPS -0.19 Price/Sale 879.949
Ask null LatestEPS Date 2018-12-31 Price to Book 19.3
Volume null EPS ttm 0.000 Institutional % 11.9
Avg Volume 0.1M Shares Outstanding 64.68M Insider % 46.4
Open 2.06 Float 37.86M Short Ratio null
Prev Close 2 Return On Equity -368.42 5 Year Change % -0.595
High 2.18 Consensus EPS 0 2 Year Change % -0.536
Low 1.93 No. of Estimate 0.000 1 Year Change % -0.502
52 Week High 4.35 EPS Surprise $ null YTD Change % 0.331
52 Week Low 1.25 EPS Surprise Percent 0 6 Month Change % 0.298
52 Week Change -51.732 EBITDA 0M 3 Month Change % -0.075
50 Day MA 2.152 Revenue 0M 1 Month Change % -0.091
200 Day MA Gross Profit 0M 5 Day Change % 0.155
Market Cap 135.17M Cash 0M 30 Day Change % 0.083
Beta 2.013421 Debt 0M Stock Exchange NASDAQ Capital Market
Sector Healthcare Revenue Per Share 0 Short Interest 0
Short Date 0 Revenue Per Employee 0 Short Ratio null
Data courtesy of IEX
Company Profile

Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the research and development of drugs and diagnostic devices in Canada, the United States, and Europe. The company?s products include AlzheimAlert, a urinary test that aids physicians in the diagnosis of Alzheimer?s disease; and NicAlert and TobacAlert tests that use urine or saliva to detect use of tobacco products. Its products under development comprise NX-1207, which is in Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia; and NX-1207, which is ready for human clinical trials for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma and localized prostate cancer. The company?s products in the preclinical stage comprise NXC-4720, an antibacterial agent for the treatment of E. coli O157:H7 bacterial contamination in hamburger meat and other food and drink products, and for the treatment of urinary tract and other bacterial infections in humans; NXB-4221 for the treatment of difficult chronic and persistent urinary tract infections; NXB-5886 for the treatment of streptococcal infection; and NXT-1021 for the treatment of staphylococcal infection. It is also developing therapeutics for Alzheimer?s disease; drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer?s disease that target spherons; and therapeutic products for oncological indications, as well as holds various diagnostic markers and technologies, including a patented platform for point-of-care testing. Nymox Pharmaceutical was founded in 1989 and is based in St. Laurent, Canada.