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Company Profile

Nokia Corporation manufactures and sells mobile devices, and provides Internet and digital mapping and navigation services worldwide. Its Devices & Services segment develops and manages a portfolio of mobile devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, and mobile computers; services; applications; and content. It also offers Internet services focusing on music, navigation, media, and messaging, as well as on the tools that enable developers to create applications under the Ovi brand name. The company?s NAVTEQ segment provides various digital map information and related location-based content and services to mobile device and handset manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and dealers, navigation systems manufacturers, software developers, Internet portals, parcel and overnight delivery services companies, and governmental and quasi-governmental entities. Its map database enables its customers to offer advanced driver assistance systems, dynamic navigation, route planning, location-based services, and other geographic information-based products and services to consumer and commercial users. Its Nokia Siemens Networks segment provides mobile and fixed network solutions and related services to operators and service providers. This segment offers various business solutions, such as consulting and systems integration; network and service management, and charging and billing software; and subscriber database management. It also provides managed services, such as network planning, optimization, and network operations; software and hardware maintenance, proactive, and multi-vendor care, as well as competence development services; and project management, turnkey implementations, and energy efficient sites. In addition, this segment offers fixed and mobile network infrastructure, including Flexi base stations, optical transport systems, and broadband access equipment, as well as network solutions. Nokia Corporation was founded in 1865 and is based in Espoo, Finland.

NOK (Nokia Corporation Sponsored American Depositary Shares)
Last Trade 4.05 Date 1/24/2020
Change % -0.25 % Price Change -0.01
Open 4.09 52 Week High 0.0
High 4.09 52 Week Low 0.0
Low 4.0 Type stock
Volume 29042751 Average Volume 0
Prev Close 4.06 Stock Exchange NYSE
Bid 4.01 Ask 4.05
Bid Size 1 Ask Size 9
1st Yr Estimated EPS Growth -4.5571 2nd Yr Estimated EPS Growth 0.245
2 Years Forward Earning Yield 0.0849 2 Years Forward PE Ratio 11.7746
2 Years EV/Forward EBIT 8.4484 2 Years EV/Forward EBITDA 6.5196
Book Value per Share 2.8418 Book Value Yield 0.7017
Buy Back Yield CAPE Ratio
Cash Return -0.0231 Cash Flow per Share 0.0371
Cash Flow Yield 0.0092 Dividend Rate 0.2241
Dividend Yield 2.77 5 Year Dividend Yield 0.0349
Earning Yield -0.0192 EV/EBIT 123.0761
EV/EBITDA 11.7447 EV / Free Cash Flow
EV / Forward EBIT 11.0088 EV / Forward EBITDA 7.9801
EV / Forward Revenue 0.8714 EV / Pre Tax Income
EV / Revenue 0.8935 EV / Total Asset 0.5317
Expected Dividend Growth Rate 0.9979 Free Cash Flow per Share -0.0954
Free Caash Flow Ratio Free Cash Flow Yield -0.0235
Forward Calculation Style Annual Forward Dividend Yield 0.0553
Forward Earning Yield 0.0682 Forward PE Ratio 14.6628
Forward Return on Asset 0.0357 Forward Return on Equity 0.0972
Normalized PE Ratio Payout Ratio
PB Ratio 1.425175 PB Ratio 10 Year Growth -0.05739
PB Ratio 3 Year Growth 1.655775 Cash Ratio 3 Year Average 379.217
Price to Cash Flow Ratio 109.246841 PEG Payback 9.7802
PEG Ratio 2.3953 PE Ratio
PE Ratio 10 Year Average 31.000735 PE Ratio 10 Year Growth
PE Ratio 10 Year High 114.710391 PE Ratio 10 Year Low 8.192129
PE Ratio 1 Year Avg PE Ratio 1 Year High
PE Ratio 1 Year Low PE Ratio 3 Year Avg
PE Ratio 5 Year Avg 20.738925 PE Ratio 5 Year High 31.441418
PE Ratio 5 Year Low 12.288915 Free Cash Flow Ratio 10 Year Growth
Free Cash Flow Ratio 3 Year Avg 44.275714 Price Change 1 Month 1.091644
Price to Cash Ratio 3.897235 Price / EBITDA 11.535381
Price to Sales Ratio 0.877541 Price to Sales Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.007219
Price to Sales Ratio 3 Year Avg 1.165376 Price to Sales Ratio 5 Year Avg 20.738925
Sale per Share 4.6152 Sales Yield 1.1395
Sustainable Growth Rate Tangible Book Value per Share 1.1873
Tangible Book Value per Share 3 year Avg 1.317 Tangible Book Value per Share 5 year Avg 1.5427
Total Asset per Share 7.7465 Total Yield 0.0277
Working Capital per Share 0.8333 Working Capital per Share 3 Year Avg 1.0373
Working Capital per Share 5 Year Avg 1.4014 Beta -0.21924