• Equity PC Ratio   0.57
  • |
  • Index PC Ratio   1.14
  • |
  • Total PC Ratio   0.97
  • |
  • VIX PC Ratio   0.54
  • VIX 13.95
  • VXN 18.04
  • VXO -
  • ISEE 85.00

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Company Profile

MarketAxess Holdings Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates an electronic trading platform that allows investment industry professionals to trade corporate bonds and other types of fixed-income instruments. Its multi-dealer trading platform allows its institutional investor clients to request executable bids or offers from its broker-dealer clients and execute trades with the broker-dealer of their choice. The company offers its broker-dealer clients a solution that enables them to reach its institutional investor clients for the distribution and trading of bonds. The company also provides its clients the ability to trade the United States high-grade corporate bonds, European high-grade corporate bonds, and emerging markets bonds, as well as crossover and high-yield bonds, agency bonds, and credit default swaps. Its DealerAxess trading service enables dealers to trade fixed-income securities and credit default swaps with each other on its platform. In addition, the company provides Corporate BondTicker, an information services product, which offers fixed-income market data, analytics, and compliance tools that help clients in making trading decisions; and Financial Information eXchange message management tools, connectivity solutions, and ancillary technology services that facilitate the electronic communication of order information between trading counterparties. Further, it offers Application Programming Interface services to broker-dealer clients for pre-trade, trade negotiation, and post-trade services for straight-through processing. The company serves institutional investor clients, including investment advisers, mutual funds, insurance companies, public and private pension funds, bank portfolios, broker-dealers, and hedge funds, as well as broker-dealers in fixed-income trading. MarketAxess Holdings was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in New York, New York.

MKTX (MarketAxess Holdings Inc)
Last Trade 345.405 Date 9/19/2019
Change % 0.41 % Price Change 1.41
Open 344.0 52 Week High 421.45
High 347.38 52 Week Low 172.09
Low 344.0 Type stock
Volume 8962 Average Volume 473313
Prev Close 344.0 Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Bid 345.4 Ask 347.39
Bid Size 1 Ask Size 1
1st Yr Estimated EPS Growth 0.2492 2nd Yr Estimated EPS Growth
2 Years Forward Earning Yield 2 Years Forward PE Ratio
2 Years EV/Forward EBIT 2 Years EV/Forward EBITDA
Book Value per Share 17.5309 Book Value Yield 0.051
Buy Back Yield 0.0016 CAPE Ratio 130.7599
Cash Return 0.0165 Cash Flow per Share 6.5305
Cash Flow Yield 0.019 Dividend Rate 2.04
Dividend Yield 0.57 5 Year Dividend Yield 0.0071
Earning Yield 0.0142 EV/EBIT 56.4258
EV/EBITDA 50.3101 EV / Free Cash Flow 60.6662
EV / Forward EBIT EV / Forward EBITDA 38.4818
EV / Forward Revenue 22.4386 EV / Pre Tax Income 54.5897
EV / Revenue 27.3017 EV / Total Asset 15.5963
Expected Dividend Growth Rate 0.0462 Free Cash Flow per Share 5.5148
Free Caash Flow Ratio 62.377447 Free Cash Flow Yield 0.016
Forward Calculation Style Annual Forward Dividend Yield 0.0059
Forward Earning Yield 0.0172 Forward PE Ratio 58.1395
Forward Return on Asset 0.2753 Forward Return on Equity 0.3377
Normalized PE Ratio 72.590992 Payout Ratio 0.3796
PB Ratio 19.622506 PB Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.262661
PB Ratio 3 Year Growth 14.976577 Cash Ratio 3 Year Average 4451.3673
Price to Cash Flow Ratio 52.676178 PEG Payback
PEG Ratio PE Ratio 70.204082
PE Ratio 10 Year Average PE Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.044553
PE Ratio 10 Year High PE Ratio 10 Year Low
PE Ratio 1 Year Avg PE Ratio 1 Year High
PE Ratio 1 Year Low PE Ratio 3 Year Avg 53.880946
PE Ratio 5 Year Avg PE Ratio 5 Year High
PE Ratio 5 Year Low Free Cash Flow Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.11705
Free Cash Flow Ratio 3 Year Avg 69.651682 Price Change 1 Month 0.865148
Price to Cash Ratio 31.40045 Price / EBITDA 51.729277
Price to Sales Ratio 28.071788 Price to Sales Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.201288
Price to Sales Ratio 3 Year Avg 20.020518 Price to Sales Ratio 5 Year Avg
Sale per Share 12.2543 Sales Yield 0.0356
Sustainable Growth Rate 0.1883 Tangible Book Value per Share 15.876
Tangible Book Value per Share 3 year Avg 11.9818 Tangible Book Value per Share 5 year Avg 10.2295
Total Asset per Share 21.5064 Total Yield 0.0073
Working Capital per Share 11.8121 Working Capital per Share 3 Year Avg 5.1345
Working Capital per Share 5 Year Avg 5.7367 Beta -0.05463