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LCI (Lannett Co Inc)
Last Trade 5.97 Dividend/Share 0 PE Ratio 2.09
Date November 16-2018 Dividend Yield 0.000 Return on Assets -18.94
Change 0.21 ExDividend Date 0 Return on Capital null
Bid null Latest EPS 0.75 Price/Sale 0.328
Ask null LatestEPS Date 2018-06-30 Price to Book 0.72
Volume null EPS ttm 2.86 Institutional % 75.7
Avg Volume 1.92M Shares Outstanding 38.95M Insider % 32.7
Open 5.71 Float 26.51M Short Ratio 12.000
Prev Close 5.76 Return On Equity -61.26 5 Year Change % -0.784
High 6.15 Consensus EPS 0.76 2 Year Change % -0.735
Low 5.63 No. of Estimate 3.000 1 Year Change % -0.751
52 Week High 30.35 EPS Surprise $ null YTD Change % -0.748
52 Week Low 3.33 EPS Surprise Percent 5.2632 6 Month Change % -0.631
52 Week Change -75.073 EBITDA 66.42M 3 Month Change % -0.558
50 Day MA 4.5672 Revenue 184.31M 1 Month Change % 0.446
200 Day MA Gross Profit 87.45M 5 Day Change % 0.082
Market Cap 232.55M Cash 167.7M 30 Day Change % 0.592
Beta 1.939463 Debt 886.07M Stock Exchange New York Stock Exchange
Sector Healthcare Revenue Per Share 5 Short Interest 17720072
Short Date 2018-10-31 Revenue Per Employee 147326 Short Ratio 12.000
Company Profile

Lannett Company, Inc. develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes generic versions of pharmaceutical products in the United States. The company manufactures and/or sells various prescription products. Its product portfolio includes acetazolamide, baclofen, and bethanechol chloride tablets; amantadine gel capsules; butalbital, aspirin, and caffeine with codeine phosphate, danazol, and clindamycin HCl capsules; cocaine topical solution; and dicyclomine tablets and capsules. The company?s products also comprise digoxin, dipyridamole, doxycycline, doxycycline hyclate, esterified estrogen and methyltestoterone, hydrochlorothiazide, hydromorphone HCl, and levothyroxine sodium tablets; morphine sulfate oral solutions; and OB-natal one gel capsules. In addition, its products consist of pilocarpine HCl, primidone, probenecid, terbutaline sulfate, and unithroid tablets; oxycodone HCl oral solution; rifampin and ursodiol capsules; and phentermine HCl tablets and capsules. Lannett Company markets its products under the brand names of Diamox, Symmetrel, Lioresal, Urecholine, Fiorinal, Cleocin, Danocrine, Bentyl, Lanoxin, Persantine, Adoxa, Periostat, Estratest, Hydrodiuril, Dilaudid, Levoxyl/ Synthroid, Roxanol, PrimaCare ONE, Roxicodone, Adipex-P, Fastin, Salagen, Mysoline, Benemid, Rifadin, Brethine, Actigall, and Fiorinal w/ Codeine #3. The company sells its pharmaceutical products to generic pharmaceutical distributors, drug wholesalers, chain drug retailers, private label distributors, mail-order pharmacies, other pharmaceutical manufacturers, managed care organizations, hospital buying groups, governmental entities, and health maintenance organizations. Lannett Company, Inc. was founded in 1942 and is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.