• Equity PC Ratio   0.57
  • |
  • Index PC Ratio   1.14
  • |
  • Total PC Ratio   0.97
  • |
  • VIX PC Ratio   0.54
  • VIX 14.33
  • VXN 18.80
  • VXO 15.29
  • ISEE 85.00

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Last Trade Dividend/Share PE Ratio
Date Dividend Yield Return on Assets
Change ExDividend Date Return on Capital
Bid Latest EPS Price/Sale
Ask LatestEPS Date Price to Book
Volume EPS ttm Institutional %
Avg Volume Shares Outstanding Insider %
Open Float Short Ratio
Prev Close Return On Equity 5 Year Change %
High Consensus EPS 2 Year Change %
Low No. of Estimate 1 Year Change %
52 Week High EPS Surprise $ YTD Change %
52 Week Low EPS Surprise Percent 6 Month Change %
52 Week Change EBITDA 3 Month Change %
50 Day MA Revenue 1 Month Change %
200 Day MA Gross Profit 5 Day Change %
Market Cap Cash 30 Day Change %
Beta Debt Stock Exchange
Sector Revenue Per Share Short Interest
Short Date Revenue Per Employee Short Ratio
Data courtesy of IEX
Company Profile

Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. develops and markets wireless technology and identity systems to mobile and handheld wireless devices for the government, military, and commercial markets. The company?s commercial identification products include IDvCheck, a document verification software for reading and verifying, in one swipe or scan, the encoded format contained on the U.S. and Canadian driver licenses, state issued non-driver identification cards, and military IDs. Its defense security products comprise Defense ID System that reads barcodes, magnetic stripes, and RFID and OCR codes printed on identification cards to offer law enforcement personnel and military security officers additional information for protecting their facilities. The company?s wireless communications products and services comprise Wireless Over Water Technology, which allows users to access the Internet while in motion on water; Floating Area Network, a communications methodology for the U.S. Navy; Littoral Sensor Grid, which measures, monitors, and informs in real time a terrorist attack or accidental environmental conditions to an operations control center; and AIRchitect, a wireless LAN design expert system that allows a network engineer to design a wireless network. It also provides wireless services, including wireless environment analysis, custom wireless network design and application, and custom wireless application development. Its products are used in commercial fraud protection, age verification, productivity enhancement, access control, and law enforcement sectors. The company sells its products directly, as well as through resellers and license agreements. Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Port Townsend, Washington.