• Equity PC Ratio   0.57
  • |
  • Index PC Ratio   1.14
  • |
  • Total PC Ratio   0.97
  • |
  • VIX PC Ratio   0.54
  • VIX 15.15
  • VXN 19.51
  • VXO 16.03
  • ISEE 85.00

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Last Trade Dividend/Share PE Ratio
Date Dividend Yield Return on Assets
Change ExDividend Date Return on Capital
Bid Latest EPS Price/Sale
Ask LatestEPS Date Price to Book
Volume EPS ttm Institutional %
Avg Volume Shares Outstanding Insider %
Open Float Short Ratio
Prev Close Return On Equity 5 Year Change %
High Consensus EPS 2 Year Change %
Low No. of Estimate 1 Year Change %
52 Week High EPS Surprise $ YTD Change %
52 Week Low EPS Surprise Percent 6 Month Change %
52 Week Change EBITDA 3 Month Change %
50 Day MA Revenue 1 Month Change %
200 Day MA Gross Profit 5 Day Change %
Market Cap Cash 30 Day Change %
Beta Debt Stock Exchange
Sector Revenue Per Share Short Interest
Short Date Revenue Per Employee Short Ratio
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Company Profile

GSI Technology, Inc. designs, develops, and markets static random access memory (SRAM) products for the networking and telecommunications markets. Its SRAM products are incorporated primarily in high-performance networking and telecommunications equipment, such as multi-service access routers, universal gateways, enterprise edge routers, service provider edge routers, optical edge routers, fast Ethernet switches, gigabit Ethernet switches, wireless base stations, ADSL modems, wireless local area networks, Internet protocol phones, and OC192 layer 2 switches. The company offers synchronous SRAM products that are controlled by timing signals, referred to as clocks; and asynchronous SRAM products, which employ a clock-free control interface. Its synchronous SRAM products include Burst and No Bus Turnaround SRAMs for microprocessor cache applications; SigmaQuad products, which are quad data rate synchronous SRAMs for the networking and telecommunications industry; and SigmaRAM products, which are designed for use on large format printed circuit boards common in various networking and telecommunication products. The company offers asynchronous SRAM products with various storage densities between 1 megabit and 8 megabits and random access times ranging from 7 nanoseconds to 15 nanoseconds. GSI Technology also serves military, industrial, test equipment, and medical markets. It offers its products primarily to original equipment manufacturers through a network of independent sales representatives and distributors. GSI Technology, Inc. has operations primarily in the United States, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. The company was formerly known as GSI Technology and changed its name to GSI Technology, Inc. in June 2004. GSI Technology, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.