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GE [ General Electric Co ]
Last Trade 12.78 Date 6/19/2021
Change % -1.70 % Price Change -0.22
Open 12.84 52 Week High 14.415
High 13.02 52 Week Low 5.93
Low 12.75 Type stock
Volume 82064666 Average Volume 58479404
Prev Close 13.0 Stock Exchange NYSE
Bid 12.72 Ask 12.73
Bid Size 11 Ask Size 5
1st Yr Estimated EPS Growth -0.7077 2nd Yr Estimated EPS Growth 1.12
2 Years Forward Earning Yield 0.0415 2 Years Forward PE Ratio 24.1132
2 Years EV/Forward EBIT 20.5048 2 Years EV/Forward EBITDA 13.5586
Book Value per Share 3.8251 Book Value Yield 0.2993
Buy Back Yield CAPE Ratio 29.6279
Cash Return -0.0191 Cash Flow per Share 0.2132
Cash Flow Yield 0.0167 Dividend Rate 0.04
Dividend Yield 0.31 5 Year Dividend Yield 0.026
Earning Yield -0.0084 EV/EBIT
EV/EBITDA 53.7355 EV / Free Cash Flow
EV / Forward EBIT 32.1477 EV / Forward EBITDA 18.4577
EV / Forward Revenue 1.9133 EV / Pre Tax Income
EV / Revenue 1.8775 EV / Total Asset 0.5916
Expected Dividend Growth Rate 0.0 Free Cash Flow per Share -0.1509
Free Caash Flow Ratio Free Cash Flow Yield -0.0118
Forward Calculation Style Annual Forward Dividend Yield 0.0031
Forward Earning Yield 0.0196 Forward PE Ratio 51.0204
Forward Return on Asset 0.009 Forward Return on Equity 0.0654
Normalized PE Ratio 639.0 Payout Ratio
PB Ratio 3.341107 PB Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.077284
PB Ratio 3 Year Growth 2.514042 Cash Ratio 3 Year Average 134.3315
Price to Cash Flow Ratio 59.941684 PEG Payback 25.0019
PEG Ratio 10.224 PE Ratio
PE Ratio 10 Year Average 51.545805 PE Ratio 10 Year Growth
PE Ratio 10 Year High 607.0 PE Ratio 10 Year Low 9.0
PE Ratio 1 Year Avg 20.247335 PE Ratio 1 Year High 30.205128
PE Ratio 1 Year Low 10.622951 PE Ratio 3 Year Avg 126.456313
PE Ratio 5 Year Avg 70.900338 PE Ratio 5 Year High 607.0
PE Ratio 5 Year Low 9.0 Free Cash Flow Ratio 10 Year Growth
Free Cash Flow Ratio 3 Year Avg 94.102682 Price Change 1 Month 0.908962
Price to Cash Ratio 2.912237 Price / EBITDA 41.552757
Price to Sales Ratio 1.451829 Price to Sales Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.011564
Price to Sales Ratio 3 Year Avg 0.854384 Price to Sales Ratio 5 Year Avg 70.900338
Sale per Share 8.8027 Sales Yield 0.6888
Sustainable Growth Rate Tangible Book Value per Share -0.1294
Tangible Book Value per Share 3 year Avg -2.2653 Tangible Book Value per Share 5 year Avg -2.2177
Total Asset per Share 27.9273 Total Yield 0.0031
Working Capital per Share 7.1717 Working Capital per Share 3 Year Avg 7.5252
Working Capital per Share 5 Year Avg 8.6267 Beta 1.135821
Company Profile

General Electric Company (GE) operates as a technology, media, and financial services company worldwide. Its Energy Infrastructure segment produces gas, steam, and aero derivative turbines; generators; combined cycle systems; and renewable energy solutions, as well as provides water treatment services and equipment. This segment also sells surface and subsea drilling and production systems, floating production platform equipment, compressors, turbines, turboexpanders, and high pressure reactors to oil and gas companies, as well as provides related services. The company?s Technology Infrastructure segment manufactures jet engines, turboprop and turbo shaft engines, and its replacement parts for use in military and commercial aircraft, as well as provides repair and maintenance services. This segment also produces healthcare products, including diagnostic imaging systems; offers transportation products and maintenance services; provides enterprise solutions using sensors for temperature, pressure, moisture, gas and flow rate, as well as non-destructive testing inspection equipment. GE?s NBC Universal segment engages in the production and distribution of films and television programs; operation of television stations and cable/satellite television networks, as well as theme parks. The company?s Capital Finance segment offers commercial lending and leasing products to manufacturers, distributors, and end-users of equipment and capital assets; consumer financial services to consumers and retailers; capital and investment solutions for real estate; commercial finance to the energy and water industries; and commercial aircraft leasing and finance, and fleet and financing solutions. Its Consumer & Industrial segment produces various home appliances, lighting products, and electrical equipment and control products, as well as provides related services. The company was founded in 1892 and is based in Fairfield, Connecticut.