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CSPI [ CSP Inc ]
Last Trade 8.03 Date 3/5/2021
Change % 0.51 % Price Change 0.04
Open 7.9958 52 Week High 14.33
High 8.3074 52 Week Low 4.51
Low 7.91 Type stock
Volume 4170 Average Volume 5463
Prev Close 7.99 Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Bid 7.96 Ask 8.03
Bid Size 1 Ask Size 2
1st Yr Estimated EPS Growth 2nd Yr Estimated EPS Growth
2 Years Forward Earning Yield 2 Years Forward PE Ratio
2 Years EV/Forward EBIT 2 Years EV/Forward EBITDA
Book Value per Share 7.145 Book Value Yield 0.8942
Buy Back Yield CAPE Ratio 25.1816
Cash Return 0.1223 Cash Flow per Share 0.5345
Cash Flow Yield 0.0669 Dividend Rate
Dividend Yield 1.88 5 Year Dividend Yield 0.0458
Earning Yield 0.005 EV/EBIT 18.2966
EV/EBITDA 12.8544 EV / Free Cash Flow 8.7652
EV / Forward EBIT EV / Forward EBITDA
EV / Forward Revenue EV / Pre Tax Income 23.0235
EV / Revenue 0.3307 EV / Total Asset 0.3512
Expected Dividend Growth Rate Free Cash Flow per Share 0.5208
Free Caash Flow Ratio 15.34174 Free Cash Flow Yield 0.0652
Forward Calculation Style Forward Dividend Yield
Forward Earning Yield Forward PE Ratio
Forward Return on Asset Forward Return on Equity
Normalized PE Ratio 124.894488 Payout Ratio 3.75
PB Ratio 1.118264 PB Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.035049
PB Ratio 3 Year Growth 1.738623 Cash Ratio 3 Year Average 281.9126
Price to Cash Flow Ratio 14.947821 PEG Payback
PEG Ratio PE Ratio 199.75
PE Ratio 10 Year Average 29.166882 PE Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.388977
PE Ratio 10 Year High 270.25 PE Ratio 10 Year Low 2.361309
PE Ratio 1 Year Avg 225.016666 PE Ratio 1 Year High 270.25
PE Ratio 1 Year Low 199.75 PE Ratio 3 Year Avg 113.109492
PE Ratio 5 Year Avg 40.834693 PE Ratio 5 Year High 270.25
PE Ratio 5 Year Low 11.746479 Free Cash Flow Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.088816
Free Cash Flow Ratio 3 Year Avg 326.497157 Price Change 1 Month 0.952324
Price to Cash Ratio 1.731985 Price / EBITDA 22.499101
Price to Sales Ratio 0.578826 Price to Sales Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.142438
Price to Sales Ratio 3 Year Avg 0.5354 Price to Sales Ratio 5 Year Avg 40.834693
Sale per Share 13.8038 Sales Yield 1.7276
Sustainable Growth Rate -0.0172 Tangible Book Value per Share 7.1391
Tangible Book Value per Share 3 year Avg 7.5391 Tangible Book Value per Share 5 year Avg 6.6492
Total Asset per Share 12.1256 Total Yield 0.0188
Working Capital per Share 6.8556 Working Capital per Share 3 Year Avg 7.2075
Working Capital per Share 5 Year Avg 6.8364 Beta 1.860534
Company Profile

CSP Inc. engages in the development and marketing of information technology (IT) integration solutions and high-performance cluster computer systems to industrial, commercial, and defense customers worldwide. The company operates in two segments: Systems, and Service and System Integration. The Systems segment designs and manufactures specialty, high-performance computer signal processing systems for the aerospace and defense markets. These systems are used on land, and in airborne and shipboard platforms for high-speed digital signal processing in radar, sonar, and surveillance applications. The Service and System Integration segment consists of the computer maintenance and integration services, and third-party computer hardware and software value added reseller businesses. It also provides professional IT consulting services, including maintenance and technical support; implementation, integration, configuration, and installation services; enterprise security intrusion prevention, network access control, and unified threat management services; IT security compliance services; custom software applications and solutions development and support; and monitoring, reporting, and management of alerts for the resolution and preventive general IT and IT security support tasks. This segment offers its solutions and services for IT environments, including storage and servers, unified communications solutions, IT security solutions, and consulting services. The company markets its products and services through direct sales force, distributors, and resellers. CSP Inc. was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts.