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ATEC [ Alphatec Holdings Inc ]
Last Trade 5.55 Date 8/6/2020
Change % 7.56 % Price Change 0.39
Open 5.2 52 Week High 7.93
High 5.56 52 Week Low 2.19
Low 5.1823 Type stock
Volume 373925 Average Volume 373645
Prev Close 5.16 Stock Exchange NASDAQ
Bid 5.52 Ask 5.68
Bid Size 20 Ask Size 1
1st Yr Estimated EPS Growth 0.0343 2nd Yr Estimated EPS Growth -0.6417
2 Years Forward Earning Yield -0.0649 2 Years Forward PE Ratio
2 Years EV/Forward EBIT 2 Years EV/Forward EBITDA
Book Value per Share 0.4283 Book Value Yield 0.083
Buy Back Yield CAPE Ratio
Cash Return -0.1583 Cash Flow per Share -0.7457
Cash Flow Yield -0.1445 Dividend Rate
Dividend Yield 5 Year Dividend Yield
Earning Yield -0.219 EV/EBIT
EV/EBITDA EV / Free Cash Flow
EV / Forward EBIT EV / Forward EBITDA
EV / Forward Revenue 3.7505 EV / Pre Tax Income
EV / Revenue 3.0162 EV / Total Asset 2.3329
Expected Dividend Growth Rate Free Cash Flow per Share -1.0035
Free Caash Flow Ratio Free Cash Flow Yield -0.1945
Forward Calculation Style Forward Dividend Yield
Forward Earning Yield -0.1812 Forward PE Ratio
Forward Return on Asset Forward Return on Equity
Normalized PE Ratio Payout Ratio 0.0
PB Ratio 12.048518 PB Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.231757
PB Ratio 3 Year Growth 9.65461 Cash Ratio 3 Year Average 633.0041
Price to Cash Flow Ratio PEG Payback
PEG Ratio PE Ratio
PE Ratio 10 Year Average PE Ratio 10 Year Growth
PE Ratio 10 Year High PE Ratio 10 Year Low
PE Ratio 1 Year Avg PE Ratio 1 Year High
PE Ratio 1 Year Low PE Ratio 3 Year Avg
PE Ratio 5 Year Avg PE Ratio 5 Year High
PE Ratio 5 Year Low Free Cash Flow Ratio 10 Year Growth
Free Cash Flow Ratio 3 Year Avg Price Change 1 Month 1.038229
Price to Cash Ratio 12.032726 Price / EBITDA
Price to Sales Ratio 2.455431 Price to Sales Ratio 10 Year Growth 0.036141
Price to Sales Ratio 3 Year Avg 1.320413 Price to Sales Ratio 5 Year Avg
Sale per Share 2.1015 Sales Yield 0.4073
Sustainable Growth Rate -3.5309 Tangible Book Value per Share -0.1816
Tangible Book Value per Share 3 year Avg -0.6852 Tangible Book Value per Share 5 year Avg -2.5453
Total Asset per Share 2.4019 Total Yield
Working Capital per Share 0.8348 Working Capital per Share 3 Year Avg 1.3476
Working Capital per Share 5 Year Avg 1.5821 Beta 1.910154
Company Profile

Alphatec Holdings, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Alphatec Spine, Inc., engages in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of products for the surgical treatment of spine disorders, primarily focused on the aging spine. The company?s products include Thoracolumbar fixation systems, which are used to facilitate fusion, the growth of a bony connection between two adjacent vertebrae; Zodiac Degenerative Fixation System that offers various polyaxial pedicle screws and advanced instruments; CORE Lumbar Plating System, a posterior lumbar plating system that provides an alternative to screw and rod constructs; and Zodiac Deformity Fixation System with polyaxial screws, connectors, and instrumentation to enable the surgeon to address patient-specific spinal deformities. It also offers Spinal Spacers to be inserted in the space between vertebrae to provide support in order to restore disc space height, alignment, and the spine?s weight-bearing function; Allograft Spacers to accelerate the creation of living bone cells and incorporate the allograft into the newly created, living bone; Anterior Cervical Plating to stabilize the vertebrae to facilitate fusion; and Solanas Posterior Cervico/Thoracic Fixation System that provides a solution for posterior cervico/thoracic procedures. In addition, Alphatec Holdings provides adjustable bridges, bone grafting materials, vertebroplasty products, minimally invasive access systems and techniques, vacuum infusion packaging system, and wound barriers. The company serves cervical, thoracolumbar, intervertebral, minimally invasive, vertebral compression fracture, disorders related to poor bone quality, and spinal stenosis markets. It sells its products through independent distributors, direct sales representatives, and sales management employees and executives in the United States, Asia, and Europe. The company was incorporated in 2005 and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.