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AEHR (Aehr Test Systems)
Last Trade 1.4 Dividend/Share 0 PE Ratio 70
Date March 22-2019 Dividend Yield 0.000 Return on Assets -5.54
Change 0.04 ExDividend Date 0 Return on Capital null
Bid null Latest EPS 0.02 Price/Sale 1.697
Ask null LatestEPS Date 2018-05-31 Price to Book 1.75
Volume null EPS ttm 0.020 Institutional % 31
Avg Volume 0.03M Shares Outstanding 22.36M Insider % 6.5
Open 1.37 Float 20.93M Short Ratio null
Prev Close 1.36 Return On Equity -9.36 5 Year Change % -0.517
High 1.41 Consensus EPS 0 2 Year Change % -0.729
Low 1.37 No. of Estimate 0.000 1 Year Change % -0.421
52 Week High 2.94 EPS Surprise $ null YTD Change % -0.091
52 Week Low 1.03 EPS Surprise Percent 0 6 Month Change % -0.441
52 Week Change -46.360 EBITDA 0M 3 Month Change % -0.028
50 Day MA 1.3369 Revenue 0M 1 Month Change % -0.028
200 Day MA Gross Profit 0M 5 Day Change % -0.034
Market Cap 31.3M Cash 0M 30 Day Change % 0.077
Beta 0.665811 Debt 0M Stock Exchange NASDAQ Capital Market
Sector Technology Revenue Per Share 0 Short Interest 0
Short Date 0 Revenue Per Employee 0 Short Ratio null
Data courtesy of IEX
Company Profile

Aehr Test Systems develops, manufactures, and sells systems, which are designed to reduce the cost of testing flash, dynamic random access memory, and other memory devices, and to perform reliability screening or burn-in of complex logic and memory devices. The company manufactures and markets full wafer contact systems, monitored burn-in systems, massively parallel test systems, test fixtures, die carriers, and related accessories. It offers various product families, including the ABTS, FOX, MTX and MAX systems, the WaferPak cartridge, and the DiePak carrier. The new ABTS family of systems performs Test During Burn-in (TDBI) on both logic and memory packaged ICs. The FOX systems are full wafer contact parallel test and burn-in systems designed to make contact with all pads of a wafer simultaneously, thus enabling full wafer parallel test and burn-in. The MTX system is a parallel test system designed to reduce the cost of memory testing by performing both test and burn-in on thousands of devices simultaneously. The MAX system performs burn-in and tests complex devices, such as digital signal processors, microprocessors, microcontrollers, and systems-on- a-chip. The WaferPak cartridge includes a full-wafer probe card for use in testing wafers in FOX systems. The DiePak carrier is a reusable, temporary package that enables IC manufacturers to perform final test and burn-in of bare die. In addition, it provides customer service and support programs, including system installation, system repair, applications engineering support, spare parts inventories, customer training, and documentation. The company, through a network of distributors and sales representatives, markets and sells its products to semiconductor manufacturers, semiconductor contract assemblers, electronics manufacturers, and burn-in and test service companies worldwide. Aehr Test Systems was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Fremont, California.